IT Suite

Chipstead Lake Resource Centre has a fully equipped IT suite.  This has been designed to support people with disabilities to improve their literacy, numeracy and hand-to-eye co-ordination skills through the use of computers, in a challenging and enjoyable manner, as well as providing the means to broaden their knowledge through the modern multimedia environment in which we live in.

The IT suite has friendly and experienced staff to provide advice and assistance for even the most inexperienced.  All of the computers have adaptations available which enable people with all levels of disabilities and abilities to participate fully.

The adaptations to computer hardware include BigTrack roller balls, BigKeys keyboards and keyguards.  Each user can, where possible, have their computer customised through software configuration, to suit their own individual requirements.  We have a computer which has the 'Guide' software installed with a built-in speech and screen magnifier.

The Discover IT suite offers the following facilities:-
Fast, modern, networked computers
Broadband internet access and personal email address
Unique username and password given to each individual
Windows 7 operating system
Microsoft Office 2013 software
A painting-by-numbers program, jigsaw puzzle software and a selection of games, all designed to help with hand-to-eye co-ordination skills
Literacy and numeracy online e-learning courses
Software for making your own, customised greetings cards
Digital cameras for photography
Apple iPad tablet
Free Wi-Fi for your own mobile devices
Height adjustable tables

The IT suite is free to use for anyone who lives, works or attends Chipstead Lake services.