In the early 1970's a group of people in Sevenoaks were inspired by the caring activities of Leonard Cheshire working with disabled people and by a talk given at the then head of the home at Copthorne in West Sussex (Heatherly).  A steering committee was formed to look for a site and to raise funds.  The local schools were encouraged to help and thousands of children took part in annual sponsored walks organised by the V.S.U. (Voluntary Action within Kent).

The home was finally built at Chipstead and was opened in July 1977 by Leonard Cheshire himself.  Relying heavily on local voluntary input it was run by a Management committee with day to day details overseen by a House Committee.  Pressure for places soon showed the need for an extension.

More rooms were added, a lounge, a bar and a room for activities were opened in September 1980.  In June 1988, the third phase of the building was opened.  The kitchen and the dining room were remodeled and an Activity Centre was established.  New office space was also made available.

The need for even more space led to another extension being opened in 1997.  This included the Activities Centre with a computer room.  It also housed the offices for the West Kent Care at Home Service.  The previous activities room was converted in to a Physiotherapy Suite.  Changes in organisation led to the disbanding of the Management and house committees.  These were superseded by the more central management in place today.

In 2007, the 30th anniversary of the opening of the home was celebrated with a very well attended open day.  This brought together relatives, friends and former staff from the very beginning to the present day.  Much of the strength of the home has come from its staff and volunteers.  Many staff have given long and dedicated service which has assured continuity and a high standard of care.  The volunteers, old and young, have increased the quality of life for the service users.